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Website Accessibility Options

We have done our best to make our site accessible to the wider possible audience. But if you still experience difficulties navigating from page to page, we have listed below some addional information that you may find useful.

Increasing Text Size

To increase the text size your can:

Alternatively, you may be able to rezie our website text by using your mouse's wheel whilst holding down your keyboard the Control (Ctrl).

The BBC website - link opens in a new window has more detailed explanations on how to resize text, should you be unable to use the above explanation.

Finally, for Internet Explorer users, we would recommend downloading the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar - link opens in a new window, it offers many valuable add-ons for disable and non-disable people alike.

Website Validation

Our website has been validated against the following standards:

We also tested our site and find it working in the following web browsers (Windows):

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